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The Watchmen: A review in bullet points

Published 8 March 2009

Hi! You've stumbled upon a blog post by a guy named Ryan. I'm not that guy anymore, but I've left his posts around because cool URIs don't change and to remind me how much I've learned and grown over time.

Ryan was a well-meaning but naïve and priviledged person. His views don't necessarily represent the views of anyone.

I took my fiancée to see Watchmen last night. We were unprepared. I give it ★★★★ out of five. Below sums up my thoughts.

  • It's violent enough that I cringed. The movie is "patently too adult for … children 17 and under" and the fact that it's not rated NC-17 is evidence of a moronic and/or corrupt MPAA.
  • In all of 163 minutes, the only part of the whole flick I didn't believe was a human able to walk in the open air of Antarctica in a peacoat and face sock.
  • It had the finest, most tightly-controlled art direction I've seen in a film since Amelie.
  • Multiply how great the art and story were, divide one by the result, and you get an approximation of crapitude of the music.
  • It shows in excellent detail why powers like those of the motherfucking Flash are so dangerous.

In the previews: Terminator will be dumb. Star Trek looks like the story they wanted to tell all along and never had the technology. I'd want to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine even if Gambit wasn't in it.

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