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Race Results

I discovered triathlon on a whim when egged on by a group of co-workers, all ironmen. I figured if I'm going to live in California, this is the sort of thing I should do. What I found was something that gave me focus, purpose and goals. A reason to get up at 5am. It was something I never thought I'd love.

Herbalife24 Triathlon LA (2021)

swim 1500m / bike 40km / run 10km - 03:10:00

My second time racing Herbalife24 felt very different from the first. I was strong, prepared and practiced. My nutrition was on point, my transitions buttery smooth. But more importantly, support from the members of the LA Tri Club transformed what's usually a lonely sport.

Surf City Half Marathon (2021)

run 13.1mi - 02:10:54

This race is my longest to date. A hot, sun-bleached thirteen miles. I finished and hit my pace goal, and that's all I can really ask for.

Hermosa Beach Triathlon (2021)

swim 0.25mi / bike 10mi / run 3mi - 01:09:30

Hermosa is a fast, flat, beginner-friendly race. The swim was so short the buoys were barely past the break. I'm super happy with my time, and hearing my name when I crossed the finish line was incredible.

USAT Legacy Triathlon (2021)

swim 750m / bike 20km / run 5km - 1:30:36

This an important race for me: my first race classified correctly by gender. I was exceptionally nervous, but I had an amazing group of gals that I trained with, and their support made all the difference.

Malibu Virtual (2020)

swim 0.5mi / bike 17mi / run 4mi - 2:21:23

My lifeline during quarantine was the group of ocean swimmers that took me in. One of the few safe things to do during the pandemic, training gave me a goal, even if doing it in a mask was a bummer.

UCSB Kendra's Race (2020)

swim 800m / bike 13mi / run 5km - 1:38:42

I had big plans for the 2020 triathlon season, and had no idea what was in store. This gorgeous weekend in Goletta, CA was our last adventure before the world changed.

Santa Monica Christmas Run (2019)

run 10km - 55:29

I tend to be pretty srs and was totally unprepared for this goofy race. There's something novel to getting passed by someone in a giant green wig draped in blinking christmas lights.

Catalina Island Triathlon (2019)

swim 0.5mi / bike 17km / run 5km - 1:52:11

I celebrated my birthday with this gorgeous race. The course was some intense hills for which the Balona Creek bike path had not adequately prepared me.

Herbalife24 Triathlon LA (2019)

swim 1500m / bike 40km / run 10km - 3:19:32

When the LA Triathlon returned, I used the opportunity to challenge myself to an olympic distance. The result was that I was thoroughly hooked on the sport.

Pasadena Reverse Sprint (2016)

run 3.1mi / bike 9.3mi / swim 150m - 1:12:06

Triathlon took a back seat to life in the intervening years, but I used this beginner-friendly race as an excuse to take a three-day weekend and get back into the sport.

Hansen Dam (2011)

swim 500m / bike 11mi / run 3.1mi

The race that began it all. Swimming in trunks and riding a commuter bike, I was over the moon just to have finished.

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