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I’ve been blogging casually off-and-on for years. The views expressed in these posts are from a more immature and inexperienced version of myself. They don’t necessarily represent the current views of anyone.

The Watchmen: A review in bullet points

Published 8 March 2009

I took my fiancée to see Watchmen last night. We were unprepared. I give it ★★★★ out of five. Below sums up my thoughts. It's violent…

Adventure Log: CORE1-1, Inheritance

Published 27 January 2009

Six strangers find themselves in the cramped room sitting room of a once-wealthy merchant, who fidgets and stammers through his words. In a…

Sayonara, Mr. Bush

Published 18 January 2009

The only person who could summarize the current political situation correctly is John Stewart—reading the future from 2004.

2008 in Cities

Published 1 January 2009

These are all the places I've stayed at least one night during 2008: Ann Arbor, MI Livonia, MI Los Angeles, CA Long Beach, CA Austin, TX…

Kali's spot to sit (1000 lines, day 9 of 365)

Published 20 November 2008

Finally caught up to the real date!

Passing stranger is (1000 lines, day 7 of 365)

Published 18 November 2008

It's something I never understood about cities, and something I miss terribly about home.

SoCal Winter (1000 lines, day 7 of 365)

Published 17 November 2008

Apologies for gloating, but Detroit is having a huge blizzard right now. Me, a heatwave.

Fine layer of ash (1000 lines, day 6 of 365)

Published 16 November 2008

Last year, the fires terrified me . Now I realize it's just the way things are in Southern California.
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