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I’ve been blogging casually off-and-on for years. The views expressed in these posts are from a more immature and inexperienced version of myself. They don’t necessarily represent the current views of anyone.

Kali laughs (1000 lines day 4 / 365)

Published 14 November 2008

While I was first surprised by my cat's acrobatics, as she's matured I've come to be amazed by her combination of being able to distinguish…

Twin Pines (1000 lines day 3 / 365)

Published 13 November 2008

Jill and I feel the same way about the way the Church continually interferes with politics. The issue seems similar to bad parent who as…

1000 lines: day 2 of 365

Published 12 November 2008

1000 lines: day 1 of 365

Published 10 November 2008

For the past two years, my fiancée has engaged in two amazing projects: Daily Pleasure and [ 365days|me ] +1 . Her photography has turned…

The party of Lincoln

Published 31 October 2008

Ever stayed too late at a really great frat party? One where the music was hot and the people were fun, but they slowly start coupling off…

My Fiancée is Magic

Published 22 October 2008

Made with the Magic Set Editor .

Scope in ActionScript 3 is so fubared I can barely express it in words

Published 20 October 2008

This looks wrong: And yet it works. Compared to JavaScript: Still a mess. The JavaScript syntax is a little more cryptic and var2 isn't…

Speeding up Prototype's document.viewport.getDimensions

Published 4 October 2008

JavaScript has a lot of haters. They gripe about its loose typing and semicolon insertion. They whine about it's lack of inheritance and…

I make Web sites, ergo

Published 31 July 2008

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