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I’ve been blogging casually off-and-on for years. The views expressed in these posts are from a more immature and inexperienced version of myself. They don’t necessarily represent the current views of anyone.

Soup-to-nuts Wordpress, PHP5 and MySQL on Mac OS X Leopard

Published 11 November 2007

I less-than three Mac OS X Leopard so far, but I ran into a number of issues when I tried to do my first Web development project. It had…

Trouble—right here in Culver City

Published 10 November 2007

You're probably not seeing this on The Daily Show . I walked over to the SONY studios a few blocks down from the office, and saw a pretty…

Published 3 November 2007

The RyTer’s Almanac: A Birthday Special

Published 1 November 2007

THURSDAY, 1 NOVEMBER, 2007 Poem: "The Choler" by Ryan Cannon, written in 2004 and revised in 2007 for his birthday. © Ryan Cannon, 200…

Leopard Day

Published 26 October 2007

Submitted for your approval: A Mac enthusiast finally receives his copy of Leopard. He's upgrading the operating system. What he doesn't…


Published 25 October 2007

I just wanted to post a quick update to let everyone know I'm okay. It's strange, living in a state of emergency, although at times it's…


Published 21 October 2007

Amazon MP3: The Good Guys are Winning

Published 27 September 2007

It seems like I don't post before 2 a.m. anymore, but I'm so stoked that sleep can wait. Amazon MP3 has just opened, and it is very cool…

TranquiliTea named "4 the Best" Tea House

Published 15 September 2007

TranquiliTea --the tea shop my mother owns and operates and whose Web site is an ongoing work and progress for myself--has received quite an…
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